Eagle Hermes Middle East company, inspired by nature and the top companies producing tiles in Europe, and with the aim of providing quality products in this industry, has started its activity since 2011. During this period and according to the variety of products, it offers them to the domestic and foreign markets under 5 different brands that are produced in several factories, including Hermes (Tabriz Tile), Castillo (Novin Tile), Venus (Alvand Tile), Hermes Grand. (Almas Kabir Shams) and Vision (Fakhar and Brilliant Rafsanjan). One of the notable points in Eagle Hermes Middle East is an organization with creative and experienced managers and knowledge-oriented and hard-working employees who all work to create value for their customers. One of the most important honors of this company is the production of wall and floor tiles in different sizes with high volume in the best manufacturing factories. The sales and marketing department of this company has created a coherent and integrated distribution network by establishing diet and constant communication with sales representatives throughout the country and also providing packages of work politics and quality, to distributors and consumers. The design department at Eagle Hermes always takes steps to improve quality by using beautiful and up-to-date designs and models, especially from the ideas of Italy and Spain.



Eagled Hermes Middle East The mission of the company is to combine beauty, quality and modernity and to combine classic and modernity in the tile and ceramic industry.

We strive with a vision for the future, with updated and creative methods to improve the performance of this industry and provide better services to domestic customers and expand the largest representation of ceramic tiles in the country and also as one of the largest exporters. To be ceramic tiles in the world.


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Eagle Hermes middle East company, Unit 5 & 6, No 14, East Nahid St, Nelson Mandela Blvd (Jordan) ,Tehran, Iran MAP


Unit 9, No 14, East Nahid St, Nelson Mandela Blvd (Jordan) ,Tehran, Iran MAP